So, I went to my first SUGCON and it was great. Good opportunity to share news and meet the Sitecore community. Now I want to share the most important points with you:

Opening keynote

You have to implement DevOps or you lose.

Donovan Brown, Microsoft

Donovan Brown had a talk about Azure DevOps. His statement did not refer to Azure DevOps itself, but to the set of development practices. Why is this so important nowadays?

  • Shorter time to market for the whole project or for a single feature.
  • Deployment and operation are more complex related to the micro service architecture.

Sitecore Commerce & JSS

Sitecore JSS is headless, but you are still able to use all author functionalities like Personalization, A/B Testing, Preview, Layouting and Workflow. You have to build Json Renderings to use commerce from JSS. Create a Resolver implementing the IRenderingContentsResolver interface to call the commerce API. You can use all commerce features from JSS and not only from JSS, but from all clients which are able to consume JSON.

Sitecore Host

Sitecore Host is the new platform for all new Sitecore service implementations. Each application is a standalone instance and therefore can be managed and scaled independently. You should not implement your own application based on the Host platform. A plugin-based architecture is used. Therefore, it will be easy extendable and upgradable. Due to the micro service approach a message broker is used for the communication between the services. Sitecore Host will change how we do Sitecore development.

JSS & GraphQL

Sitecore has built a GraphQL runtime package for us already. You define the structure of the response with the shape of the request. Therefore, you keep the response as small as possible. The runtime generates typings for all the data available in the endpoint. Think of GraphQL as SQL for Graphs. Sitecore JSS has a useful developer tool built in.

10X your development

The Sitecore [core] API is stable. It hasn’t changed significantly in 10-12 years.

Mark Cassidy

How good is “good enough” and how fast is “fast enough” and how flexible is “flexible enough”? Mark’s track had put a lot of questions in the room. For example, we could be faster by keeping it simple, 1 controller to 1 view to 1 model … (with a few exceptions)

Mark has implemented a Sitecore solution with 25 Components in 15 hours total build time. As a complete site it is not finished, simply because the build was focused on what is expectable from a fresh Sitecore developer.

Tips and tricks for Sitecore Commerce

As always, keep it simple. Use the features of the existing framework. Know when to delegate to an external system like ERP, CPQ, Tax provider, etc. Build plugins with pipelines and/or blocks to extend the existing functionality.

Extend the Sitecore XC Business Tools

No matter, if you want to extend an existing view, add a new view, add a new action, etc. you can achieve this by building new blocks and extending existing pipelines. The Business Tools are using a data driven approach.

JSS, what happened next

SXA support for JSS will be added in the next release. You can than add special JSS tenants and JSS sites. Experience Editor is supported, but without the toolbox. It will be possible to use Sitecore Forms with JSS apps.

Sitecore 9.2

  • Sitecore Host upgraded to the latest .NET Core version.
  • Publishing service ported to the Host platform.
  • The next experience editor “Horizon” is still in development.
  • Install Assistant as quick start for develop environments.
  • New Sitecore Search role.
  • YAML File format for serialization.
  • Helix:
    • More focus on the why and core principles of Helix
    • Simpler Visual Studio project structure
    • Guidance for structuring for Commerce and xConnect
  • And much more…

It will be available in this quarter.

Thank you!

Finally, a big thank you to all organizers and sponsors of the SUGCON Europe 2019. Special thanks to which made it possible for me to participate and sponsored the event.

Many presentations are available to download. In addition, videos should be available soon.

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