This time I share a short story with you. Due to install Sitecore Experience Commerce without SXA, you have to add skip parameters to the Install-SitecoreConfiguration command. You will find the command in the Deploy-Sitecore-Commerce.ps1 file.

Wrong Skip Parameters (XC 9.1)

The parameters mentioned in the Installation Guide for On-PremiseSolutions for Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.1 are not correct:

Install-SitecoreConfiguration @params –Skip InstallSXASolrCores, InstallPowershellExtensions, InstallSXAFrameworkModule, InstallSXAStorefrontModule, CreateDefaultTenantAndSite, PopulateSXAIndexesSchema, RebuildSXAIndexes

If you analyze the Master_SingleServer.json file you will see, that the tasks InstallSXASolrCores, PopulateSXAIndexesSchema and RebuildSXAIndexes do not exist. The script will fail if you add these skip parameters.

My Skip Parameters

Looking through the tasks I decided to also skip the tasks which would install the Habitat and AdventureWorks images.

Install-SitecoreConfiguration @params -Skip InstallPowershellExtensions, InstallSXAFrameworkModule, InstallHabitatImagesModule, InstallAdventureWorksImagesModule, InstallSXAStorefrontModule, CreateDefaultTenantAndSite

Despite the configuration for the tasks Pre- and PostconfigureStorefrontInstance are inside the SXAStorefront folder you cannot skip these steps. The installation will fail if you skip these tasks.

Further analyzing of the json files

For further customizations of the installation you can search through the configuration files. I have used Notepad++ to search through the files. I had the situation that the installation failed because Sitecore XP was only available through https. The default configuration for the Commerce installation is using http to connect to Sitecore XP.

I had to change following variable configurations to use https:

"Variables": {
    "UtilitiesBaseUrl": "[concat('https://', concat(parameter('SiteHostHeaderName'), '/SiteUtilityPages'))]",
    "SiteRootUrl": "[concat('https://', concat(parameter('SiteHostHeaderName')))]",
    "SitecoreIdentityServerUrl": "[concat('https://', parameter('SitecoreIdentityServerHostName'))]"

A good way to search through the configuration files is to search for parameters defined in the PowerShell script. As a result, you will find the parts of the config files using this parameter. Then you will be able to analyze what installation steps are done with this parameter.


I hope this short post about Install Sitecore Experience Commerce without SXA can help you and safe some time.

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